tour dates

Here's some tour dates i have for the "nice" european winter. Although my "amigdalas" hurt today... that's why i love the snow. Anyway, the bologna gig this weekend was cancelled... i was playing with luke... maybe soon it will get re-scheduled:

14.01.2011 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland.
11.02.2011 karussell (vernissage & clubnacht), Graz, Austria.
26.02.2011 Source on Ice Festival, Utrecht, Holland.
05.03.2011 Zucker Club, Bremen, Germany.
11.03.2011 Batofar, Paris, France.
23.03.2011 Moog Club, Barcelona, Spain.
02.04.2011 Posthumans, Berlin, Germany.
08.04.2011 Dunkel, conpenhagen, Denmark.