So... an update here so you guys dont think my blog is dead?

Sorry for being on the underground for such a long time, but life it's always a bit tricky... combined that to all the travels and not being able to be on my room+studio and you will get the picture.

I've been working in songs for such a long time, that i think is time to start releasing something. I cant believe my last single was on 2009... time go so fast!. I already put some info about my next moves here in my blog, but in the end it was a bit premature to write about that. Release dates are changing... so apparently releases are delayed for next year. Vinyl takes time.... so i will put my news only when i know it will happen, ok?

Also, thanks a lot for your nice emails regarding my unreleased stuff... im glad that you guys hear my music and that you like it. I think it's every musician dream that someone dig what you are doing. So that's enough for me :).

hugs to everyone.

ps: sorry if i've made mistakes with my english.