esoteric carnavalism

my next tunes will be out soon enough to start this summer, the vinyl will see the light on may 14 and the digital version on 28 of may , i already wrote something about it on my facebook page but here's the real deal: it will contain 4 tracks of some weird or not so weird techno... pretentious, ah?

you can check some of the promo text here as well as some samples:

the esoteric/carnaval ep reveals four tracks that further showcase the Chilean producer’s unerring
grasp for electronic music that combines moments of introspection with the unshakeable urge to lose yourself in the moment.

those of you that shared surgeon’s love for the monumental pressure of our second release, mondkopf’s ease your pain will no doubt be satisfied that tobar is extending this plunge towards all new uncompromising techno territory from various, equally engrossing angles. pitch the rough hewn mutant beat dance of “esoteric” next to fizzing, acid tainted textures of “recuerdos” or the grinding journey through dante’s Inferno that is “carnaval” and it’s easy to see why tobar has been accommodated into the In Paradisum fold