few stuff...

I have a few gigs in the next days, you can find them on my calendar to the right side of this blog. I need to point that the paris gig is a showcase for border community and is at the "pitch your sunday" event. Once in a while record labels gather in Paris and hang out with more people to talk about... well, i supposed music. Anyway, it's a day event so it would be nice for take some sun at the side of the canal, come by and say hi if you want, I play at 14:30.

As you know, if you read this un-regular blog, my new single is out on the streets and apparently it's already solding out, so you can grab those few last copies if you want. As Im a good boy, I have done a nice little list here where you can buy it:


There's more mp3 shops that have it too, but physical stuff is always better, right?

You can find the main song here on my soundcloud: