I’ve been doing a series of podcasts lately and although that’s not the topic here, they are the main reason why i had become such a fan of djs these days. It’s really difficult to find exciting music lately, everybody knows that, but at the same time it’s such a rewarding experience to find great bands or artists that you never heard about, even if  they are from the 70’s. 

Most of them im using it on my owns dj experiences of late… but i will leave some links here, in case you want to hear them (if you know them already, well...). Also, if you have some band you want to share, please do it.

the units - cowboy (i've been listening this band since last year, but it's good to include it!)

autumn - behind you

the kvb - never enough

gareth williams & marie currie - restless mind

starship commander woo woo - master ship