h&m ad + remix + podcast + interview

there's a whole load of things happening right now, but i will start for the ones that are already out there. my remix for the french band called trésors is getting the premiere on the nite versions website. 

as you can see, it's the first remix i've done in a while because... i just stopped making remixes for a while :).
you can hear my version below, but there's a lot more to discover if you hear the whole ep. the official release date is october 8th.
before that i did an interview for the really nice guys at inverted audio, you can read that one clicking here and, after hiring that remix, you can take a listen to the podcast i did for them. there will be more podcasts soon... but that's not the issue here.

last but not least, the brand h&m has chosen my song with you for the new david beckham promotion campaign. you know, the guy play football and also design underwear and stuff... the whole thing is really fun and surreal!. please take a look at it here:

also, i have a new ep coming out, and if you read my facebook page, you can have a glimpse about that. i will recopile all the info and put it on another post here.

have fun and go out and dance!.