last year

the year is starting and i thought on making a little look back and make one post with everything that happened last year music wise... just like a gift, santa's kind of gift... but coming really late. february late. february's gift.

first, on february/march of last year i released an ep called "betweener" on a new dutch label called knopje. it was my first ep in a long time, based in old jams that i had floating around in my computer, if you haven't heard it you can still grab it at some stores i think.

a few month later, in may, i released my second ep of the year called "esoteric/carnaval" on the nice independent label in paradisum, which is run by guillaume (who also runs fool house, another record label) and mondkopf. the guys are french, as well as the record label, which was convenient just because i'm trying to learn a bit of french lately:

je m'appelle ricardo, merci, de rien... ça va? non non, ça va pas! .. mais c'est pas vrai!?

after that, in october last year, i teamed up with my old pal and nice guy called henry saiz, who is doing a lot of touring to australia lately. anyway... we did the "together/teenager ep" which was actually really nice to finally release it, and it worked kind of super nice too. the package also included remixes from jake "fairmont", microbird and sistema.

apart from all that... i also did some remixes, some touring and one of my songs helped to advertise some famous man and his cloth.

and here some nice people that talked about my releases...