this post took me a little time, sorry for that!

i've some little updates to make here in case you don't follow me on facebook or whatever social network. the first one of these is that i've putted one of my songs in the cocoon records annual compilation, this year was the letter n. of course the vinyl box set is an expensive affair (but quite beautiful) so probably the wav file will be more convenient? in any case you can find the two versions following the links below.

in other news, I was invited two times to rinse lately... the first time was for daniel avery's show where I contributed with a mini live set. on the show was also roman flügel!

you can hear that show below:

I was also invited to rinse tv where I did a chilled out live set... or kind of. the video of that recording is already up on the internet so you can watch it here if you want:

and finally, I did a podcast for the mighty blog sourdoreille... a little one but with some nice and really influential songs for me: