it has been a long time i don't write here. i was working, kind of, on new music.

after the album in cocoon last year i had to gig a bit and then i went out of ideas for new stuff. it took me some time to adjust and find where to go next... i'm still searching at it to be honest but, in the meantime, i have a few singles already scheduled, which is nice. i will talk about them when everything is clearer but i'm experimenting again with dance music so i hope the new tunes can make you dance.

in the search, i'm working also in a new album. don't expect it soon but it's definitely more dark and noise oriented. like a long weird mantra, if that makes sense, we will see what happens with that.

a few weeks ago i opened an account at bandcamp where you can find some vinyl i have and i can send you if you're interested. you can buy some mp3's too.

before i forget, there was some nice vinyl out in cocoon with remixes of my last album, if you didn't see them, take a look at it here: