hi there,

if you're reading this, thank you for stopping by. i'm writing here to try to keep this blog alive. it's so difficult to keep up with all the social media now that it's impossible for me to concentrate on facebook, twitter, instagram or here at 100%.

i suppose it's the new thing: complain about the internet noise, the little light there, things bleeping a blopping, cars passing, distractions. or i'm just getting old? i remember the good times of blogs though: i used to make one post and people from around the world discussed, here, in this little space, about things, music of course, but they were serious, insightful. they were all very nice too. that was ten years ago probably. time passes so fast, isn't it? and now we all have to deliver a good picture, a juicy JPEG square, a nice gossip, a stupid thought of 140 characters just to make some piece of... art? sell, if it sells.

i would like to keep going and not to close this, the blog i mean, even if it's too retro. i listen to vinyl, so what's the difference? if i get the chance i will keep it updated because i still think it's a valuable thing, where to express feelings and thoughts and works and all. if you want other stuff, gigs and pictures and videos it's probably better to go to my instagram account, even if i have 200 followers there :)! facebook is getting behind and from now on i will only put the essential things there (as with twitter).

in other news, my last release from last year was on the magical ESP Institute. i'm very happy to collaborate with andrew and his whole crew, please check it out and, i think there's still stock on some shops.

all the love,