video for my song mineral. find it in the 'our violence' ep.

i did a mix for the trasitions radio show.
shouts to john digweed for the invitation! find me in the second hour.


my new single 'our violence' is out now on musar.
it comes with a trance-infused remix from syo and three original cuts.
super happy to be sharing this with you!

nadivi's video 👽👀

plaid remix for my song 'after the movie'!

a collage of mixes i've done in the past months:

old mix i did for the quietus.
i still love all the songs 💖


12 minutes trance-saga-track for the celebration of 20 years of cocoon.
thank you for the inclusion. 👼

treillis in all youtube's glory 🚀


i've been using this space to do most of my stuff lately, although this is an old photo, the vermona drum machine was sold a few months back. mainly using the mono/poly and the cs15 a lot. for drums i use a digitakt now where i put samples and i have some pedals, delays, flangers, chorus, reverbs, etc.

i would like to update it though as i've been using this setup for a long time, a jupiter 4 would be great or that new mfb poly synth. anything polyphonic would be perfect really.

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the quarantine studio #studios

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 something more beautiful than these melodies and a bit of chorus?

podcast for the musar radio show. in these crap times we are living i thought of a list to enjoy in the quiet times of the night. 🌌

playlist i did in spotify updated regularly with a lot of what i find it is beautiful and inspirational music.

hard-trance remix for hoshina anniversary! 👀

two remixes i did for volcan la pété


my first step in lovefingers massive record label. some drummy songs in this one 🎵

'treillis' is the first album i did. you can find it directly from bandcamp now.

'teenager' is an old trance anthem.
now is available with the song 'together' and new artwork.
uploaded for bandcamp day.


old songs made around the time i did "el sunset" and "made".
made available for bandcamp day.

ethereal mix i did for nnm.
i'm happy with this one.


taken from my last year album.
a lo-res pixelated affair.

beautiful video of parques done by my good friend adam marshall ☄



bouncy track i did with a few vocal edits. legowelt did a remix which was ace! there's a cinematic b-side too.

after the movie was done ages ago but i'm glad that in the end it made it to vinyl. the whole package comes with a plaid remix 💖

recife: techno rave mayhem. played by all the big girls and boys, what more do you want?!



free finger drumming and a lot of melodies being improvised. tried to take most errors out, this is what was left.



i'm back with new music on the exciting esp institute label. two cuts i worked last year trying to explore ableton's ability to handle free drumming. not sure that's accurate. in fact i tried to simulate free drumming with the computer. hopefully you will appreciate them and, to tell you the truth, they are part of a bigger picture coming very soon.

please feel free to go to any good shop and pre-order it:

spotify boomkat phonica juno beatport


hi there,

if you're reading this, thank you for stopping by. i'm writing here to try to keep this blog alive. it's so difficult to keep up with all the social media now that it's impossible for me to concentrate on facebook, twitter, instagram or here at 100%.

i suppose it's the new thing: complain about the internet noise, the little light there, things bleeping a blopping, cars passing, distractions. or i'm just getting old? i remember the good times of blogs though: i used to make one post and people from around the world discussed, here, in this little space, about things, music of course, but they were serious, insightful. they were all very nice too. that was ten years ago probably. time passes so fast, isn't it? and now we all have to deliver a good picture, a juicy JPEG square, a nice gossip, a stupid thought of 140 characters just to make some piece of... art? sell, if it sells.

i would like to keep going and not to close this, the blog i mean, even if it's too retro. i listen to vinyl, so what's the difference? if i get the chance i will keep it updated because i still think it's a valuable thing, where to express feelings and thoughts and works and all. if you want other stuff, gigs and pictures and videos it's probably better to go to my instagram account, even if i have 200 followers there :)! facebook is getting behind and from now on i will only put the essential things there (as with twitter).

in other news, my last release from last year was on the magical ESP Institute. i'm very happy to collaborate with andrew and his whole crew, please check it out and, i think there's still stock on some shops.

all the love,



i have a new ep out now called "la condamine". two originals and two remixes from ulrich schnauss and marc piñol. you can find it in all good stores but juno have it good priced, don't pay crazy money for it!



i have a new ep out now on the wonderfully nice correspondant records, grab it at all nice stores!



it has been a long time i don't write here. i was working, kind of, on new music.

after the album in cocoon last year i had to gig a bit and then i went out of ideas for new stuff. it took me some time to adjust and find where to go next... i'm still searching at it to be honest but, in the meantime, i have a few singles already scheduled, which is nice. i will talk about them when everything is clearer but i'm experimenting again with dance music so i hope the new tunes can make you dance.

in the search, i'm working also in a new album. don't expect it soon but it's definitely more dark and noise oriented. like a long weird mantra, if that makes sense, we will see what happens with that.

a few weeks ago i opened an account at bandcamp where you can find some vinyl i have and i can send you if you're interested. you can buy some mp3's too.

before i forget, there was some nice vinyl out in cocoon with remixes of my last album, if you didn't see them, take a look at it here:


ten songs collected from demos, sketches and ambient passages done between 2008 and 2014.
shouts to sven vath for put it out in the stores.


remixes are one of the most difficult things to make and usually after finishing them you feel completely away/off/not satisfied with what you have done, i suppose it's down to the fact that the song is definitely not yours and you can't never really put it into your world... well that's only how i feel.

here you have some remixes i have done and i still feel good with them (no hard feeling to the ones not mentioned here)


this post took me a little time, sorry for that!

i've some little updates to make here in case you don't follow me on facebook or whatever social network. the first one of these is that i've putted one of my songs in the cocoon records annual compilation, this year was the letter n. of course the vinyl box set is an expensive affair (but quite beautiful) so probably the wav file will be more convenient? in any case you can find the two versions following the links below.

in other news, I was invited two times to rinse lately... the first time was for daniel avery's show where I contributed with a mini live set. on the show was also roman flügel!

you can hear that show below:

I was also invited to rinse tv where I did a chilled out live set... or kind of. the video of that recording is already up on the internet so you can watch it here if you want:

and finally, I did a podcast for the mighty blog sourdoreille... a little one but with some nice and really influential songs for me:


my latest single had a few problems to go out on vinyl mainly because of the fabrication delays, it took almost three month to do it but now it's already there on your favorite shop (or not?).



so the final piece of the puzzle regarding the collaboration swap we did with daniel avery is already up and out for you. hear my contribution to his remix package here:

you can buy the vinyl directly from the phantasy shop or you can go to piccadilly records (between others) and read the nice review they did for the release.

i also did an interview for the french, and quite mighty, hartzine magazine and, if you speak spanish, you might be quite happy to know that i did another interview for clubbing spain, of course in spanish.


mr. daniel avery did this remix for my song "garden". i hope you can dance to it 💃

THIS live show from animal collective is quite ESSENTIAL!