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Mix for the trasitions radio show. Shouts to John Digweed for the invitation! Find me on the second hour.

MIU MIU Stool Campaign. M&M PARIS X RICARDO TOBAR Collaboration.

Our Violence is out on Musar. Comes with a trance-infused remix from SYO and three original cuts. 

Super happy to be sharing this with you!

After The Movie was done ages ago but i'm glad that it made it to vinyl. The whole package comes with a Plaid remix 💖

Music for Alexander McQueen's Menswear Pre Spring Summer 2019. M&M PARIS X RICARDO TOBAR Collaboration.

Playlist updated regularly with a lot of what I find it is beautiful and inspirational music.

NADIVI is a bouncy track I did with a few vocal edits. Legowelt did a remix which is ace! Cinematic cut on b-side.

I've been using this space to do most of my stuff lately. Although this is an old photo, the vermona drum machine was sold a few months back. Mainly using the Mono/Poly and the CS15 a lot. For drums I use the Digitakt and for effects I use some pedals: delays, flangers, chorus, reverbs, etc.

I would like an update though, as I've been using this setup for a long time. A Jupiter 4 would be great or that new MFB poly synth. Anything polyphonic would be perfect really.

Interview & podcast for Torture the Artist. Feel free to scroll.

Hard-trance remix for Hoshina Anniversary! 👀

12 minutes trance-saga-track EL ETERNA, for the celebration of 20 years of cocoon. Thank you for the inclusion. 👼

Finger drumming and a lot of melodies being improvised. Tried to take most errors out, this is what was left. CONTINUIDAD.

Video for Vestigios, taken from the Continuidad album. A lo-res pixelated affair.

Parco new Shibuya store. M&M PARIS X RICARDO TOBAR Collaboration.

Recife: techno rave mayhem. Played by all the big girls and boys, what more do you want?

Ethereal mix I did for NNM. I'm happy with this one.

Birds EP on the exciting ESP Institute . Two cuts exploring Ableton's ability to handle free drumming midi patterns. A simulation of free drumming with the computer.

Article for Syncsmith about films and their influence on my music.

Interview for NACION ELECTRICA. En español!

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